• Board of Directors

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  • Macy Mitchell
    Executive Director | Business Owner

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  • Britny Fulks
    Chairman of the Board

    Mid-Missouri Bank

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  • Pastor Josh Troester
    Vice Chairman of the Board

    LIVE Church


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  • Rachel Fears
    Red Carpet Committee Chair

    Air Services Heating, Cooling, and All Service Professional Plumbing

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  • Jordan Gardner 
    Member at Large
    BUILDS - City of Republic
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  • Joyce Lopez
    Member at Large

    Independent Beauty Consultant

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  • Pastor Lee Young
    Member at Large

    First Christian Church

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  • Jessica Schultze 
    Member at Large
    Arris Pizza
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  • Maryanne Ellison 
    Membership Coordinator
    Director of Business Development - Smart Blondes Marketing
  • Upcoming Events

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