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    In 2016, Jeff Ward lost his leg due to blood clots and an aneurysm behind his knee. With his amputation, he was in an extreme amount of pain that inhibited his life daily and took opioids and gabapentin to remedy that. However with opioids and anticonvulsants, they have a hefty list of disadvantages. He had a goal to find an option that would remove those from his pain management regimen and found CBD. He started this journey to help himself, his daughter who also suffers from pain, and to help the community. As a Army veteran, he especially had a heart to see fellow veterans and amputees live life to the fullest. He devoted himself to learning about all things CBD and how it can benefit many different health ailments. He wanted to find the perfect regimen for himself and others who were dealing with pain. He strived to make CBD Republic a welcoming, warm, and helpful store to the great city of Republic and surrounding areas. He succeeded this goal far more than he ever could have anticipated. He was a pillar in this community and we are carrying on the goal. In May of 2022, Jeff went home to be with Jesus after having a massive heart attack. His family is continuing on his legacy. We are committed to our community just as Jeff was.

    Our goal is to provide an inviting and peaceful environment where we can have conversations to help lead you to the effects based products that may help you live a more abundant life because you feel better. Come visit us - Inge and Stephanie - we look forward to helping you!

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